Dry- To-Touch, Solvent Free. Pre-Applied Technology From Loctite Ready For Assembly
Loctite® Dri-Loc® Adhesives/Sealants, applied to threaded parts from a unique coating that converts ordinary fasteners into self-locking and self-sealing fasteners. Dry to touch, Dri-loc Adhesives/Sealants become an integral part of the fastener-and stay inert until parts are used. During the assembly process, Dri- Loc ® Adhesives/Sealant is activated by assembly forces, releasing anaerobic adhesive which locks and seals parts securely. Use Loctite Pre-Applied products successfully, without solvents, in extreme temperature and pressure environments to lock and seal against air, steam, most fluids and lubricants.

Dri-Loc Pre-Applied Adhesives offer these advantages:

Economical and Practical coating can be done in-house or at franchised coating center for any quantity thus reducing assembly cost.

Proven in use at hundreds of manufacturers on billions of fasteners.

Won’t leak or Shake Loose, offers the same degree of reliability as Loctite liquids. Meets or exceeds locking performance of chemically coated lock screws, Std.IFI-125, metric IFI-125.

Controlled Torque Tension falls within narrow predictable limits.

Low on Torque coating lubricity requires1/4 of the maximum allowable torque specified by industrial Fastener Institute IFI-124

Speeds Production-nothing to add, ready to use-just screw them in; no special handling, machining or extra preparation necessary.

Instant Sealing-Through holes are immediately and positively sealed at temperatures ranging from –55°C to 150ºC Dri-Loc 201 performs to 204ºC.

Inhibits Corrosion between mated threads. Adhesive/sealant assures easy disassembly-even after years of service.


One of These Dri-Loc adhesive Types Is Right For You

Dri-loc 201(Yellow)
High Strength-High temperature to 204ºC

Dri-loc 204(Red)
High locking/sealing strength for plated fasteners

Dri-Loc 205 (Fluorescent Orange)
High locking/sealing strength for plated fasteners Low assembly torque


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